Making Money With Escorts

Making Money With Escorts


Dave knew from long personal experience that running an escort agency was not the quick route to fantastic riches that everyone assumed it to be. It took a lot of time, investment, effort and pain to make a decent amount of profit. And a business with bricks and mortar and rents to take care of was even more painful. So why would you run a brothel, nightclub with escorts as one of the main attractions, or a sex hotel in Spain if you are a gangster? What exactly is the attraction? Surely there are better and easier ways to make money?

Organised crime is actually a little bit of a misnomer. Most of it is actually amazingly disorganised, which is why tidy bureaucrats cannot get their heads around it. Most of the brains are out sourced by uneducated but street smart criminals to bankers, accountants and lawyers who are paid far higher fees than they will get anywhere else and under threat of torture and death. Plata o plombo as they say on Narcos. If you are working with independent Malaga escorts as a gangster then that is just the start of your revenue stream, not the end. There are so many ways your highly paid brainy experts can spin that operation into gold.

Running a brothel, taking a percentage from prostitutes working in your nightclub, or renting rooms to working girls are all entirely legal in Spain. Actually they have no laws one way or the other, which is even better for a criminal enterprise. More holes to squeeze through. And it is a business that is paid for in cash or via credit card.

Which means that it is easy to use your legitimate business as a laundromat. You can slide your illegal cash from theft, extortion, smuggling, drugs through the legal sex enterprises by adding extra takings to the books. Essentially showing revenue for sex that did not take place. You throw in some invoices from your other front businesses to reduce the profits and make all the businesses look more legitimate. Then you pay your taxes and generate lovely clean money that you can do anything you want with.

And best of all, you do not have to involved in any of this laundering. Find the right accountant and they will cook the books, generate the invoices and take care of all the electronic transfers on your behalf and just give you an accounting whenever you want. Of course, if you are smart – and whatever your education level you do not get to own and keep a multi million euro business without being smart – you have someone to check on the work of the accountant, someone who checks on the checker, and then you check on them. Quis custodiet ipsios custodes? Who guards the guards? Everyone.

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