Why Most Escort Agencies Accept Cash Only?

One of the first things you’ll learn if you start looking up escort etiquette is to prepare the exact amount of cash to pay for the date. No matter where you look, it’s always the same. Cash, cash, cash. But what about credit cards? Aren’t escort agencies legitimate businesses? Why are most escort agencies insisting on cash payments if they’re working legally?

Escort Agencies Are Considered As One Of The Riskiest Businesses By Payment Processors

There are thousands of questions we could ask about this, but the answer is pretty simple – escort agencies are considered extremely risky businesses working on the verge of legality and payment processors don’t like dealing with businesses like this.

To be clear, escort agencies provide services just like any other service-based business does. If hairdressers, massage parlours, or any other service-based business can accept credit cards, so should escort agencies as well.

There are payment processors that accept escort agencies but the problem is that these processors have a pretty big commission. Regular businesses pay only a 1-3% commission for using payment processors. Others may charge even less but also charge terminal rental and monthly fees.

On the other hand, escort agencies and similar risky businesses are charged from 2-4% for every transaction and there are a lot of monthly subscriptions to pay as well. When all of these are combined, it’s much more affordable to accept cash only than to accept credit cards for a very small number of clients.

Cash Payments Guarantee Discretion

One of the main reasons why escort agencies don’t accept credit cards is because there’s very little or no demand for them. Although escort agencies are fully legal businesses in some countries, it’s still considered taboo to hire an escort and many people who use their services would like to keep their discretion.  Unfortunately, many consider escorting the same as prostitution although they’re different things.

Clients know that if they pay for escort services with their credit card, it will leave a written trail. By using cash, it’s not possible to trace it back to the client and it’s the number one reason why such a small number of clients ask for this. There are many Edinburgh escort reviews of agencies that accept credit cards, and none of the clients who left the reviews used their credit card to pay for the services.

Clients Feel Safer When Using Cash

As we already mentioned, there’s still a lot of doubts when it comes to hiring an escort, no matter if it’s an independent girl or an agency escort. Generally speaking, it’s safer to hire an agency escort because that’s a reputable business guaranteeing you’ll get exactly what you’ve asked for.

On the other hand, there are many stories of people getting blackmailed after hiring independent escorts. Using a credit card leaves a written trail on the clients’ bank statements. When it comes to discretion that can cause many problems for the client. Although the agencies that accept credit cards have ways to hide the name of the business, it’s still pretty much traceable to the agency or escort.

Because escorting is a high-risk business and many think it’s borderline legal, authorities can easily get information about the client if the agency is under investigation. This can cause the client to be under investigation as well because prostitution is illegal, no matter if you’re offering or buying the service.

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