With over 8 years of experience in escort seo and ranking websites, we are 100% sure on how to bring an escort website to rank for their set of keywords. As Google updates its algorithm continuously, therefore we alter our link building strategy as well in order to keep the sites ranking up-to-date, prevent websites from slipping down the rankings and remain confident to bring new websites to rank.

In October 2014, Google rolled out a Penguin update in which it gave value to themed websites for link building. It meant that to gain positive push in rankings and to get them on page 1, we had to build links on adult/escort niche only irrespective of the website Domain Authority (DA) or Trust Flow (TF).

But, with the latest Google Penguin Update 4.0, which rolled out in September 2016, it changed its spam filter once again. It took us 2 nearly to months and almost 5 different domains to analyse and experiment that now WHAT'S WORKING and how to get the website ranking or
improve the affected site's keywords. Now, along with themed websites link building, it's authority also comes into light. That means that we can build links to only high quality themed escort websites to gain keyword rankings. Google's spam filter now runs every 2 weeks and it drops the ranking for the keywords that are building links on low quality sites.

Earlier the authority of a website was determined by page rank (PR), then Google stopped updating PR, then Domain Authority (DA) was used. But over the past one year, using DA for determining high authority website have become incorrect. The reason is if a website is building links for a say 8 years, it's DA will be high but it's not necessary that the website is of high authority because, it depends on the quality of the links that has been made, are the backlinks of themed niche or not. All these factors comes into light now. Therefore, we now use Trust Flow (TF) as a metric to determine a website's authority. A website's TF increases only when it gains links from high quality websites.
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Escort Link Building Packages
ONE-OFF COST £350 £600 £800 £1200 Custom
Authority TF > 30 TF >25 TF >20 TF >25 Custom
Time Required 2-3 weeks 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month Custom
Business Listings 10 20 30 50 Custom
Escort Directories 10 20 30 50 Custom
Escort Guest Blogs* 10 20 30 50 Custom


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Our experts have the complete and creative knowledge about the tactics that are used to design an adult website. The highly experienced team distributes the new projects into their respective team members and delivers the highly integrated projects with ease after completion. We consist of brainiac members in the field of website design, website development, Digital marketing, content management etc. and look ahead to serve clients with much better solutions.