To understand tier 2 escort backlinks, first, you need to understand what is tier 1 links. Tier 1 links are the direct backlinks which are created for your website. Online pharmacy generic medications buy nolvadex, here pills cheap and no prescription. They directly link to your site. Tier 2 links, on the other hand, are the backlinks which are created on your tier 1 links to increase its authority and generate traffic through them.

Prior to Google Update 17’, building tier 2 links wasn’t necessary for ranking purposes but now with the latest Google updates happening in real time, we’ve analysed some points which have become very crucial to bring escort websites to rank or get jump in their SERP’s.

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tier 2 links

These are :

  • Build quality themed tier 1 backlinks
  • Vary your anchor text use
  • Promote your brand name and branded keywords on Google
  • Work on brand enhancement
  • Build tier 2 links for level 1 (or tier 1) links to generate traffic on those links
  • Work on social media links as well

How tier 2 backlinks help in ranking for escort websites?

With the latest Google algorithm update, every backlink created must have some impressions or must generate traffic, otherwise it won’t give any SEO benefit or jump in rankings. So, how can you create impressions or clicks on your created links? Simple, you need to build some backlinks on those already created links for their particular keyword(s) and get them to ranked for those key search terms.

For example, we did some guest blogs for on some escort directories like divinemates.

So, we worked in this backlinks for keywords like :

  • How to promote your escort business online
  • How to promote escort business online
  • Promote escort business online
  • Promote escort business

3 out these 4 keywords have come on page 1 and they are generating some traffic as well. And our website’s SERP jumped as well with this.

Furthermore, you need to enhance your brand and branded keywords as well. By enhancement, we mean when someone searches your brand or branded keywords, then first your website should come and after that all the backlinks in which your brand is listed should come.

Let me explain you with an example:

When someone searches for our brand : "Suave Escort Website Design" on, you will see top 40 results (top 4 pages) backlinks which we’ve created for our brand keyword(s).

Suave Escort Website Design

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